Pole to Pole Exports

We export NZ Kiwifruit, Feijoas, Avocados, and Citrus to our supermarket and key distributors in Australia,  Asia and the Middle East.

We are an agile business and always ensure we are available anytime to talk directly with growers so they can be certain about what’s happening in the market place.

Our Export business was established to meet customer demand for high quality produce and to seek out the highest (OGR) values for NZ growers.  Because Pole to Pole is a vertically integrated business we understand the importance of providing options for growers to maximize their return.

If you are interested in finding out more about exporting with us, please contact  Vaughan Judkins – vaughan@poletopole.co.nz
or  Todd Abrahams – todd@poletopole.co.nz