Our Team


“Procuring great produce and operating efficiently ensures that people from the orchard gate to the shopping trolley benefit from our simple philosophy. Live Life. Enjoy Fresh Fruit”.

At Pole to Pole, we want to make things as simple as possible for our Growers so they can sit back and Live Life. We also believe by minimizing our operating costs and the often array of handling fees that our competitors charge, our Retail Customers can Enjoy Fresh Fruit at great prices.

This is our philosophy and its pretty simple. As fresh produce marketing specialists, our approach has provided us with a loyal base of business partners who are continually impressed with our products and services. Working closely and constantly communicating with these business partners, we are also able to readily identify new opportunities in an ever-changing and dynamic industry.

Pole to Pole’s ability to adapt and change to meet the needs of the fresh produce environment, means that we are always at the top of our game, and those benefits are seen by all the wonderful people we work with.

“With 18 years in the fresh produce industry, and a family history of more than 30 years growing Kiwifruit, I am confident that as a successful wholesaler, we will continue to grow our business over the coming years”. Todd Abrahams.

Something else we do well at Pole to Pole Fresh is ensuring that we have talented and experienced team players who add value to our young and energetic business.

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